Think Your Florida Car Insurance Companies Is Safe

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4Acclaim down here and it’s you know where fraud or something where it’s just natural thing there’s a higher payout in this specific area of Florida now you’re saying you live up here but you’re filing claims down here and you’re causing everybody else’s rates to go up and that’s what’s happening there is some really good news that a lot of companies have implemented a lot of different.

programs like LexisNexis and that’s something that started happening in new York and new jersey those are states where they do a lot of the zip codes are all messed up and they you know prices are higher everywhere what that does is its kind of running a background check you’ll notice when most companies do you talk to those they will run a consumer report they are basically.

checking to see if you live where you live if you don’t you guys are used to something called proof of residency and that’s something you do when you move when you have to get like proof I have a cable bill I have this bill well the smart insurance companies are going to require you to carry a lot of information so you’re going to have to approve a cable bill and a electric billet the same time it has to be in your name at this address perfectly matched in the square little box.

we don’t touch Auto insurance Florida Ito you’re going to notice that with them so if you’re new to insurance if you’re young drive rat LexisNexis pops up and you don’t have any bills you just gotta move on there’s nothing you can do at that point don’t get mad at the company they’re actually trying to save you money once you’ve got it established in a place get a couple bills in your name rota least have your parents put your bills on your name and then just contribute to that part then you can go back to that company six months from now or however long it is and then show them.